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Welcoming the blessed month of Ramadhan 1445H

Work on these 6 virtues during the blessed month and give your utmost effort to make this year’s Ramadan feel like it could be your ...
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Gaza Humanitarian Relief

In our Gaza humanitarian relief project, there will be an increase in price as we face challenges from the war situation, potentially causing shortages of essential goods. This situation’s effects, such as scarcity and price fluctuations which cost $10/meal & $100/household essential items.

Sponsor Meal

Sadaqah each meal which consists of meat, rice, fruits/dates & beverages.

Household Essentials

Each household consists of
rice, flour, cooking oil, vegetables, seasonings & other ingredients.

Families benefited from our local projects
Families benefited from our Global projects
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Abou Muadz SG - Share A Meal 2022

The Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever provides the food for a fasting person to break his fast with, then for him is the same reward as hid (The Fasting Person’s), without anything being deminished from the reward of the fasting person.”
Jami’ At-Tirmidhi 807

Getting the best of Ramadhan 2024

Sponsor of Sahoor & Iftar for ramadhan 1445H/2024M

Overseas Locations:
Uganda, India, Indonesia, Madinah, Cambodia, Turkiye, Syria (Earthquake Victims),
Bangladesh (Rohingya Refugee Camps) & Palestine – Gaza (War Victims).

Share A Meal 

Provide Iftar/Sahoor overseas in genuinely needy areas at $5/meal
Click here to Share a Meal

Household Essentials

Sponsor basic necessities in genuinely needy areas $55/pack
Click here to sponsor Household Essentials

Infaq Dates

For Iftar/Sahoor to local/overseas underprivileged families or local mosques for $35 or $45 per kg
Click here to Infaq Dates

Array of services

Projects Available

Qurban & Aqiqah

Perform your Ibadah Aqiqah or Qurban with us in various districts globally.


Doorstep delivery of Sunnah Goods & Essentials.

Global Appeals

Current reliefs, disasters that are happening today.

Waqaf Projects

Increase sustainibility in rural areas.

Educational Platforms

Learn Islam online with ARS certified tutors.

Community Projects

Local/Global projects to help household needs.

AbouMuadzSG aspires to provide a seamless online shopping platform and services that brings benefit to the Muslim Community locally and globally. We hope to inspire a God conscious community living in the secular world through this platform.

Help Sustain Lives with only S$5/month

Current Appeals | Indonesia | India | Madinah | Uganda | Bangladesh (Rohingya Refugee Camp)
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