Welcome to AMSG

AMSG is a platform where we provide a seamless experience for you! We did this just for you, the contributors to the Islamic Community. We are a strong bridge link that ensures safe & secure transactions.

On this website, you are now able to contribute monthly, and cancel anytime without any contract or terms! On top of that, you will be able to look back at your purchase history with us to have a clear, detailed and visual idea of the contribution you made.

We are excited to bring this new innovation with the help of current tools that most tech companies use and it is finally available to our community.

Manage payments, change passwords, and view history all in on the dashboard.

Our developers are PDPA compliant that do not store your important data or sell your data. To support this. Our developers are also aware that AMSG is Syariah-compliant.

This means that payments, transactions, and details will all be Muslim-friendly and Halal.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to AMSG”

  1. Masha Allah hazrath. Good website. Good contents. Allah bless you countless blessings for supporting and helping Underprivileged Muslim Families in many countries. Thanks for helping Indian Muslims also. Thanks for being strong bridge towards Donors and needy. Jazak Allah. Our doa always with you. Thanks to you.

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