Have you ever wondered? What are the solutions to our problems?

The ultimate solution for our problems lies in making life easier for others and serving them. By doing so, we are also serving the almighty, as mentioned in the hadith: “Allah will aid His slave so long as he aids his brother.” (H.R Muslim)

Each one of us faces issues, problems, and hardships in life. No one is exempt from experiencing some form of difficulty, although the extent may vary. We all have something to deal with, be it stress, challenges, or other issues.

Now, here’s a question to consider: How can we expect help when we have never extended help to others?

While we search for solutions to our problems, we often overlook what the almighty has advised. He tells us that if we want to solve our problems, we should seek out others who face similar challenges and assist them. By helping others, we, in turn, receive help. This is the guidance taught by the Prophet (PBUH). Allah continues to provide support to those who assist others, while many of us remain unaware of this.

It’s amazing to think that a mere $1 donated to charity can be multiplied by 700 folds. Moreover, the blessings, contentment, and barakah we receive from reaching out to those in need are overwhelming.

In Surah Al-Baqarah: 261, Allah compares those who spend their wealth in His cause to a seed that produces seven spikes, with each spike containing a hundred grains. Allah multiplies His reward for those who deserve it. He encompasses all and is All-Knowing.

Furthermore, on the Day of Judgment, we will witness the tremendous reward awaiting us, as long as we maintain pure intentions, seek the pleasure of Allah, and remain sincere in our actions.

May Allah open the doors of goodness for all of us. Soon the month of Rejab is approaching, then come the month of Sya’ban and by the will of Allah we will be meeting the holy month of Ramadhan. May we get the best of Ramadhan 1445H this year by increasing our efforts in serving others for that we are serving the Almighty.

Wallahu a’lam (Allah knows best).

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